Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, clearly, this weekend it’s going to be Spielberg’s second installment into what is shaping up to be a trilogy of post 9/11 exploits of the pop-unconscious. We got the airport safety reclamation project THE TERMINAL in 2004, and now, in every theatre you can find, we have the WAR OF THE WORLDS, a sobering study of the United States’ lack of military preparedness in the event of intergalactic warfare. And, coming soon, we’ll see what the IMDb is calling UNTITLED 1972 MUNICH OLYMPICS PROJECT: Spielberg’s Tony Kushner scripted exploration of guilt-ridden Mossad hitmen going after the Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli athletes at the ‘72 Munich games.

There’s a good NY Times article that says all this even better (you need to suffer the indignity of registering for free):

But just to maintain the credibility of this blog: if you’ve never seen J.P. Melville’s LE CERCLE ROUGE, this weekend you get a rare chance at Cinema du Parc. Melville is most famous for BOB LE FLAMBEUR, which suffered a dopey yet fitfully entertaining remake by Neil Jordan called THE GOOD THIEF. Expect hard-boiled dialogue by an aristocratic thief, witty cinematography, and ironic Americanisms of the sort that only a French Americaphile like Melville can pull off. See it before John Woo remakes it.

Le Cercle rouge [2:20]
Fri, Sat, Sun, Thu: 5:00
Mon, Wed: 8:30
Tue: 7:00

Upcoming Silent Cinema Conference

Last year, at around this time, a number of Synoptique staffers were involved with the 3rd INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AND THE SILENT SCREEN CONGRESS.

A special SYNOPTIQUE edition followed that September, featuring dazzling recreations of panel presentations given by silent cinema gurus Tom Gunning, Christine Gledhill, and Concordia professor Rosanna Maule.

So, now, we’re more than happy to announce information on the 4th international WSCREEN conference, held next year in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico:

Please join us for the Fourth International Women and the Silent Screen Conference which will be held at the University of Guadalajara in the beautiful colonial city of Guadalajara, Mexico June 7 through June 10, 2006. Following the first Women and the Silent Screen Conference, held in Utrecht in 1999, the second in Santa Cruz, CA in 2001, and the third in Montreal in 2004, the Guadalajara conference will include scholarly panels and workshops that advance research on historical and theoretical issues related to women and silent cinema from 1898 through 1937. The Call for Papers in English and Spanish will be published shortly.

The WWSC co-directors

Patricia Torres San Martin
University of Guadalajara

Joanne Hershfield
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jimmywork à l’Outremont  (Jun 21, 20:30 PM)

Projection-bénéfice :: Jimmywork à l’Outremont


Les profits de la projection seront remis à un membre de la production qui nous est très cher et qui lutte présentement contre un cancer. Les fonds recueillis l’aideront à traverser cette rude épreuve.

Nous vous remercions de votre générosité.

Pour acheter vos billets, laissez simplement vos coordonées (nom, téléphone, courriel) à l’adresse qui suit. Nous vous contacterons très bientôt.

You can read an interview with the director of JIMMYWORK
in Synoptique 9

  • Date : June 21
  • Time : 20:30 PM
  • Contact E-mail :
  • Venue : Cinéma Outremont
  • Address : 1248, avenue Bernard ouest (Map it)

Nellcott Is My Darling  (Jun 21)

Golda Fried launches her new novel in Montreal!
Golda Fried lauches “Nellcott Is My Darling” with Marc Ngui, author of “The Unexpurgated Tale of Lordie Jones” (Conundrum Press).

21 June, 7.00 pm
Pharmacie Esperanza
5490 Saint-Laurent, Montreal

SUMMARY OF THE NOVEL: Alice Darling has just moved to Montreal to go to McGill University. She’s never had a boyfriend and doesn’t know how to do laundry. She joins the Film Society and hangs out in the library. She drifts away from boring Bethany, her best friend from high school, and starts to trail after Allegra, the caffeine-addicted, dish-throwing artist in the dorm room next to hers. And, most of all, she thinks about how she’s still a virgin and how she’ll never figure it all out. And then she meets Nellcott Ragland, a 23-year-old who works at Basement Records and wears black eyeliner, and he asks her on a date. Alice tries to hide out in the Film Society office. She spies on Nellcott at the record store. She gets advice from Walker, her filmmaking, womanizing friend from Toronto. But sooner or later her parents are going to visit and watch her cry. She won’t admit it to them, but Nellcott has become her darling.

  • Date : June 21

Monday, June 20, 2005

Coalition Cinema - Next Meeting  (Jun 20, 7:00 PM)

The next meeting of the CINEMA COALITION ;


– brief presentation of the website with Q & A – request that members register and participate in workgroups


– return from from Annecy – post mortem on Matthew’s recent exchange with Claude Joli-Coeur – reactions since the website went live – announced reinvestment in production


Actions: – Richard’s letter – Thursday therapy sessions at the NFB – petition and protest – the Bensimon countdown Reflexion: – a broad survey of group discussions Organisation: – plan a meeting for active website contributors – now seeking a fundraiser – also seeking a location scout for the annual forum


All of our usual and new friends and supporters are welcome to join this open gathering. Keep up the great work, everybody!
-The Organising Committee of the CINEMA COALITION

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ralliement Etudiant Haiti Canada  (Jun 16 - Jun 17 2005)

Thursday, June 16, 2005, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Ralliement Etudiant Haiti Canada
Event type: Films
Sponsored by: Ralliement Etudiant Haiti Canada
Hatian Movie Festival

SGW Campus, Room H – 937
Henry F. Hall Building 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Friday, June 17, 2005, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ralliement Etudiant Haiti Canada
Event type: Films
Sponsored by: Ralliement Etudiant Haiti Canada
Hatian Movie Festival

SGW Campus, Room H – 520
Henry F. Hall Building 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

  • Date : June 16 - June 17 2005

Short films screening  (Jun 16, 9:00 PM)

Finally, short films worth seeing!

Thursday, June 16th I will have the pleasure to show 7 of my favorite picks, chosen from the hundreds of short films I have seen at Concordia in the last 3 years.

An hour and a half of spellbinding, deeply moving and hilarious films!

Dramas, comedies, poetic films…

And for those of you who haven’t seen ‘La Neige Rouillée’ the film that I made last year in memory of my father, this is your chance.

Los Mujeres de Pinochet, Eddie Menz
Vaisseau Fantôme, Anna Woch
Grassroots, John Keevil
Rushing ahead without seeing, Anna Sarkassian
La Neige Rouillée, Tamara Taddeo
Noir en Homme, Alexandre Gibault
Pink Fuck, Heather Warwick

Hope to see you on thursday the 16th,


  • Date : June 16
  • Time : 9:00 PM
  • Venue : Le Café de La Cinémathèque
  • Address : 335 De Maisonneuve E (Map it)

Ken Jacobs Screenings  (Jun 16 - Jun 18 2005)

The double negative collective presents films from filmmaker Ken Jacobs:

Le 16, 17 et 18 juin, le collectif double négatif,regroupement de cinéastes montréalais, présentera l’oeuvre de Ken Jacobs, Celestial Subway Lines / Salvaging Noise, au Cinéma Parrallèle de l’Ex-Centris, et Star Spangled To Death, au Cinéma De Sève. À cette occasion, seront présentés aussi deux courts métrages, Mountaineer Spinning et The Whirled, du même auteur.

June 16 (Thu.) – Ex-Centris (Cinema Parallele), 3pm and 7:15pm
Nervous Magic Lantern filmed performance – Celestial Subway Lines / Salvaging Noise (68 min.), Preceded by Mountaineer Spinning (26 min.)

For more info visit:

June 17 (Fri.)
Concordia University, Cinema de Seve, 6 pm – 10 pm
Star Spangled to Death – part 1, (with a short intermission in the middle)

June 18 (Sat.)
Concordia University, Cinema de Seve, 6pm – 10 pm
Star Spangled to Death – part 2, (with a short intermission in the middle)

$7 ticket for both Friday/Saturday

* * *

Nervous Magic Lantern Performances
avec musique par John Zorn, assisté de Ikuë Mori
(Ken Jacobs, É.-U., 2004, 68 min., sans dialogue)

(Ken Jacobs, É.-U. , 2004, 26 min., sans dialogue,
musique par Rick Reed)

(Ken Jacobs, É.-U., 1956-62, 19 min., V.O. anglaise)

STAR SPANGLED TO DEATH (Ken Jacobs, USA, 1957-2003, V.O. English)

Winner of Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Douglas Edwards Experimental/Independent Film/Video Award 2004.

“Star Spangled to Death – Ken Jacobs began annotating a lyrical junkyard allegory with chunks of found footage in the late ‘50s; screened in various versions over the decades, Star Spangled to Death became his life’s work. Incorporating audiovisual material ranging from political campaign films to animated cartoons to children’s phonograph records, featuring Al Jolson, Mickey Mouse, the young Jack Smith, and a half-dozen American presidents, this vast, ironic pageant of 20th-century American history is a unique and mind-boggling contraption, the ultimate underground movie”. (J. Hoberman, Village Voice)

  • Date : June 16 - June 18 2005
  • Contact E-mail :
  • Contact Phone : (514) 270-1699
  • Venue : Ex-centris / J.A. De Sève Cinema (Concordia)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nomad's Land  (Jun 15 - Jun 19 2005)

CHAMP LIBRE - an artistic organization dedicated to the presentation of multimedia art and architecture announces TERRE NOMADE/NOMAD’S LAND an in- situ architectural and video intervention-event which will take place from the 15th till the 19th of June 2005 at the Place SUN YAT-SEN square, located at the corner of Clark Street and de la Gauchetière in the heart of the Chinese neighborhood of Montreal at Place d’Armes metro station. This unique artistic event constitutes the first presentation of electronic art at this public square in Montreal which was completely renovated in 2002 by the young Montreal designers / buliders collective MEDIUM.

The event will unfold through the architecture of Sun Yat-Sen square’s Chinese temple, a site whose construction was realized in Montréal from materials imported directly from China. . The artistic program aspires to be a sensitive reflection of the space creating a timeless introspection of Asian iconography. The presentation of the artworks hopes to promote such reflection and induce a contemporary dialog that addresses the artists’ conceptions of architecture and landscape as explored through the electronic arts.

Furthermore Champ Libre will present the video work TOKYO MAIGO of the Quebec film director FRANCIS LECLERC created in Japan at the time of the the flowing play les 7 branches de la rivière Ota by Quebec stage designer Robert Lepage. This impressionist video has us dive in a nocturnal and futuristic panoramic trip of the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

In addition Champ Libre will present the video work HONG KONG SONG of the French artist of international reputation ROBERT CAHEN. This artwork has been realized by a pioneer of video art in France in the framework of the French artistic and scientific Urbasonic 88. HONG KONG SONG stands as a grandiose project devoted to the research of a new sound urban planning. This video reveals itself through the visually rich and dense textures of electronic pictures as an artistic work filled with dazzling poetry, within which old and contemporary China are mixed harmoniously. This video retains its position as an important reference in the world of contemporary art to this day.

Other events/details are listed at the link below.

Rétrospective Jorge Sanjines  (Jun 15 - Jun 18 2005)


Le 15 juin 2005 à 20 h 30, salle Claude-Jutra
Los Hijos del ultimo jardin
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 2004, 98 min, v. o. esp.
avec Henry Unzueta, Victor Salinas, Alejandro Zárate

Des cambrioleurs pénètrent dans la demeure d’un politicien corrompu pour s’emparer d’une importante somme d’argent qu’il garde chez lui. Un conflit éthique éclate : doivent-ils garder les reals ou les remettre à la société ? Il faudra la sagesse d’un Indien pour calmer les esprits. EN PRÉSENCE DU RÉALISATEUR.

Le 16 juin 2005 à 20 h 30, salle Claude-Jutra
La Nación clandestina
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 1989, 128 min, v. o. esp.
avec Reynaldo Yujra, Orlando Huanca, Roque Salgado

Un paysan aymara revient chez lui après avoir été rejeté par sa tribu quelques années plus tôt. Ce retour est pour lui l’occasion de s’interroger sur son identité culturelle et sur les causes de son bannissement. Un film haut en couleurs qui défile au rythme de musiques boliviennes. EN PRÉSENCE DU RÉALISATEUR.

Le 17 juin 2005 à 18 h 30, salle Claude-Jutra
L’ Ennemi principal (El enemigo principal / Jatun auka)
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 1974, 100 min, s.-t. f.
avec des ouvriers, des paysans et des étudiants

Un paysan est allé réclamer le taureau qu’on lui avait volé et il a été tué par son patron qui était l’auteur du vol. «L’Ennemi principal» est basé sur une expérience réelle. L’un de nos objectifs a été d’analyser les relations entre un groupe de guérilla, une avant-garde politique et les paysans dans une région spécifique des Andes.» (J. Sanjinés, 1974) EN PRÉSENCE DU RÉALISATEUR.

Le 17 juin 2005 à 20 h 30, salle Claude-Jutra
Le Courage du peuple (El Coraje del pueblo)
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol.-It., 1971, 90 min, s.-t. f.
avec Federico Vallejio, Felicidad Coca Garcia, Domitilla Chungara

Le massacre des mineurs boliviens en 1942 et la répression durant les 25 années qui suivirent… «[...] si l’on choisit une histoire collective, on évite l’identification. Cette histoire est forcément objective, car nous savons que ce sont les masses qui font l’histoire.» (J. Sanjinés, 1974) EN PRÉSENCE DU RÉALISATEUR.

Le 18 juin 2005 à 17 h, salle Claude-Jutra
Le Sang du condor (Yawar Mallku)
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 1969, 71 min, s.-t. f.
avec Marcelino Yanahuaya, Benedicta Mendoza Huanca, Vicente Salinas

Le Sang du condor décrit le contrôle des naissances imposé aux Indiens avec le concours du Peace Corps américain. « L’importance de ce film réside pour nous en ce qu’il nous a bien montré comment le cinéma peut être une arme puissante. Au bout de trois jours de diffusion, le Peace Corps a arrêté sa campagne de stérilisation. » (J. Sanjinés, 1974)

Le 18 juin 2005 à 17 h, salle Claude-Jutra
de Jorge Sanjinés et Oscar Soria, Bol., 1964, 10 min
sans dial.

Vie et travail du peuple bolivien. Ni commentaire, ni dialogue. La naissance du tiers-cinéma d’Amérique latine.

Le 18 juin 2005 à 21 h, salle Claude-Jutra
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 1966, 76 min, s.-t. f.
avec Elsa Antequera, Benedicta Huanca, Nestor Peredo

« D’un style sûr, Ukamau relate un épisode de la vie quotidienne des Indiens de l’île du Soleil, sur le lac Titicaca, aux prises avec l’âpreté de leur existence et l’antagonisme séculaire qui les oppose aux commerçants profiteurs, métis ou blancs. La finesse de l’observation psychologique et la justesse de ton, alliées à d’incontestables qualités plastiques, dénotent un cinéaste sincère, possédant bien son métier et capable de donner une bonne impulsion au cinéma bolivien.» (Jean-Claude Buhrer, 1966)

Le 18 juin 2005 à 21 h, salle Claude-Jutra
¡ Aysa !
de Jorge Sanjinés, Bol., 1965, 20 min
sans dial.

Un homme travaille, au risque de sa vie, dans une vieille mine abandonnée par les compagnies.

  • Date : June 15 - June 18 2005